AfterAlc effervescent tablets

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Sales price: 3,90 €
Sales price without tax: 3,28 €
Tax amount: 0,62 €
In a handy double pack AfterAlc is your ideal companion. You always got it with you, when you might need it.
Sales price: 10,80 €
Sales price without tax: 9,08 €
Tax amount: 1,72 €
Save money in a bundle with the useful three-pack and be prepared for some debaucherous evenings.
Sales price: 16,25 €
Sales price without tax: 13,66 €
Tax amount: 2,59 €
Claim a 17% discount to the single pack price and be able to help out a friend or colleague in need, with our practical 5-pack.
Sales price: 59,00 €
Sales price without tax: 49,58 €
Tax amount: 9,42 €
In the stylish counter display AfterAlc is not only an excellent idea for stag parties, give-away at invitations and weddings or ones personal needs, but also an ideal gift for friends and colleagues.