AfterAlc - The most important facts at a glance:afteralc faq

  • AfterAlc is an innovative revitalizing dietary supplement after immoderate alcohol consumption.
  • AfterAlc is toxicologically completely harmless.
  • AfterAlc provides the body with exactly the minerals, vitamins and nutrients, it needs.
  • Interactions with other drugs, or dietary supplements are not known.
  • AfterAlc is obtainable at the pharmacy or can be delivered to your home by ordering in our online shop.

Frequently asked questions:

What does the term "AfterAlc" mean?

The brand name comes from the English and consists of the words "after" and "alcohol" (alc). Very suitable for a dietary supplement and an effervescent tablet that will give your body minerals, vitamins and nutrients. Don't you think?

For whom is AfterAlc suitable?

AfterAlc is suitable for both women and men. Young children and pregnant or lactating women should refrain from taking AfterAlc due to the contained caffeine level.

Who produces AfterAlc?

AfterAlc was developed in collaboration with leading physicians and nutritionists. It is produced by the, in the production of medicines and nutriotional supplements tried ansd tested, company C.Hedekamp Gmbh & Co.KG in Germany, sales and marketing are taken care of by the parent company of AfterAlc. AfterAlc has very high quality standards that are continually reviewed.

In what stores can I buy AfterAlc?

AfterAlc can currently be bought in selected pharmacies, clubs and retailers. AfterAlc is available over the counter (ie without a prescription).
You want to redistribute AfterAlc? Please send us a message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I bought a pack of AfterAlc. What now? How do I use it correctly?

AfterAlc (= 1 effervescent tablet) is best dissolved in 500ml of water (tap water, mineral water) and ingested.

Does AfterAlc enable me to drive a car after increased alcohol consumption?

Absolutely not. You should never drive a vehicle, if you drank too much or still have too much residual alcohol in the blood. AfterAlc supports to palliate the consequences of increased alcohol consumption, but it reduces neither the blood alcohol level, nor does it make you a more efficient driver!

Does AfterAlc need to be stored in a cool place?

No, a dry, shaded, not too hot place is suitable for the storage of AfterAlc. Your purse, pocket or your travel kit is suitable for the storage as well as your medicine cupboard at home.

How long is a batch of AfterAlc non-perishable?

AfterAlc is non-perishable for at least 3 years. Please see the expiration date on the AfterAlc package. This is located on each effervescent tablets packaging, but also on the carton and shows the month and the year (eg 11/20) of the expiration date. It indicates the date by which the unopened and correctly stored (in our case: dry, shady and cool) product keeps its specific properties such as taste, odor, color, texture and nutritional reserves. Our recommendation is therefore to use up AfterAlc during this period, as we can guarantee as a manufacturer of AfterAlc these properties only until the end date of minimum durability. By exceeding the minimum non-perishable date, however, AfterAlc need not automatcally be bad. Usually AfterAlc is well fit for human consumption days or even month after the expiration date. But it is important that AfterAlc has been stored properly and according to his requirements and has not already been opened.

Why is AfterAlc so expensive?

On one hand, we pay great attention to the quality of AfterAlc and this comes at a price. On the other hand, there is our research and development. We constantly push to develop and improve AfterAlc, which is very complicated and expensive. This is also reflected in the sale price. AfterAlc contains a balanced, special blend of vitamins, nutrients and minerals for consumption after drinking alcohol, and is therefore not easily comparable to other products or effervescent tablets.

Is AfterAlc regularly subject to some kind of tests?

AfterAlc sets high value on quality and effectiveness of its product. Hence all included raw materials and ingredients are subject to very high and strict controls. Each new produced batch is closely tested to meet the highest quality standards.

Afteralc is produced under the following standards and certifications:

(Hazard Analysis of the Critical Control Point)
Definition and implementation of monitoring and controling methods to prevent health hazards caused by biological, chemical or physical factors - a systematic way to ensure food safety.

(Good Manufacturing Practice)
Guidelines for quality assurance in production processes and environments in the production of pharmaceuticals, drugs and medical devices.
Manufacturing license in accordance with § 13 German Drug Law (AMG).
Registration No .: 24.31.01-07

IFS Food
Standard for assessing the quality and safety of food.